Mollie Belfus

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  • Pennsylvania

Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Dedicated advocate for others. Collector of plants, bricks, band t-shirts, and curb alert antiques. Full of fun facts, encouragement, and a pot of coffee.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

I like to keep it pretty chill. On an ideal day off, I’d go for a nice walk with my dog Tilly to Penn Treaty Park, pick up a pie from Thin & Crispy, then hop between a few shows at my favorite local venues to see some friends. Maybe Union Transfer? KFN? TLA? The Barbary? Voltage? Underground Arts? Who’s to say! I’d end the night at David’s Mai Lai Wah in Chinatown for a midnight dinner, or head to Trestle and do some dancing. I’m also totally content with having a pint of ice cream on my couch or baking a sheet of cookies and doing nothing at all.

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

Anything historic, inside and out! I'm a lover of original hardwood floors, and ornate millwork in a classic rowhome. I especially love to see a whole row of preserved homes, like in the Walnut-Chancellor Historic District or on West Girard. I believe the preservation of historic Philadelphia properties is absolutely crucial to the stabilization of our communities and to meet the demand for affordable housing. Industrial heritage is also important to me, and I love a warehouse with a story.

Favorite community organization.

So many to chose from, but i'd say The Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities. The coalition encompasses about 60 other organizations fighting for affordable housing, urban farming and green space, and wealth building through community land trusts. I support the Development without Displacement campaign with the goal of expanding and preserving affordable, accessible housing options. I believe housing is a human right and strive to explore all pathways to homeownership.

What differentiates you within real estate?

You may have recognized me as the “where’s waldo” of every show. I come from the concert production world, working as a backstage employee most of my adult life. My work as a liaison between artists and crew in a high stress environment has trained me to be an excellent communicator, negotiator, and networker. The music industry also turned me into a marketing machine, knowing how and when to utilize tactical strategies to entice the audience, tastefully. I understand the importance that every client has different needs, and my experience has taught me how to handle problems behind the curtain while ensuring an enjoyable transaction for my clients. I am insanely organized (you should see all the spreadsheets I make just for fun) and emphasize transparency in everything I do. I thrive in chaos, but do everything in my power not to get there in the first place.

One last thing...

I graduated from Temple with a degree in Media Studies and Production, and come from a long lineage of innovative Realtors. Thanks, Mom!

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