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You bring the drive. We've got the roadmap.

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The Agent Experience.

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What’s the link between innovation and opportunity? Entrepreneurship.

We believe that when we invest in our agents, we invest in our clients.

By equipping our agents with the skills and knowledge necessary to be trusted advisors, we provide the highest quality client experience as well as a sustainable business model for our agents’ success in the Philadelphia market.

Our executive team is dedicated to creating tools and strategies to help our agents realize their entrepreneurial visions. We invest in both our agents’ professional and personal growth by providing holistic business coaching, informed marketing, and ongoing market-conditional professional development. By offering opportunities for collaboration and the exchange of ideas, we’ve created a culture of community and support that allows us to develop innovative ideas that reshape the marketplace.

Space & Company’s diverse team of agents represent a wide range of backgrounds and experience that spans the arts, hospitality, pharmaceutical sales, small-business ownership and more. What we all have in common is an entrepreneurial spirit. Forget cold-calling. You bring the drive; we’ll help build your business.

Business Owner

You see the big picture. You understand the value in differentiating yourself from the pack. You do your research, you’re goal-oriented and approach what you do with strategy and purpose.


You have a solutions-based mindset — you constantly analyze, strategize and execute. You understand time is a non-renewable resource.

Challenge Seekers.

You welcome challenge because you know it leads to progress. You’ll step outside of your comfort zone to reach a goal or do what needs to be done. You treat your failures as opportunities and recover quickly.


You work hard and don’t wait for things to come to you. You take ownership in your own success.

Effective Communicators.

You value communication and really listen to other’s perspectives because you’re always open to a better way of doing things. You understand the importance of managing expectations.

Kevin McNeal

Director of Strategic Growth

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