Informed by values, driven by innovation.

Bustling street scene outside of Space & Company offices.

Solutions-based real estate.

Uncommon results require an uncommon approach.

From technology to negotiating, we focus on using what works rather than relying on the same old industry approach. We understand that what works looks different for each person and evolves over time. We also understand that what never changes is the importance of relationships.

We believe that truly putting people first means creating smart options at the intersection of their unique goals and market conditions — options that provide value now and in the future. It’s a solutions-based mindset that demands equal parts expertise, curiosity and engagement.

As a team, we are invested in our clients and each other. We value individuality and diversity of thought around a shared belief in the ability of real estate to open doors. Our track-record of leveraging the best and brightest ideas is shifting the traditional real estate landscape and creating new paths forward.

To us, real estate is personal and at its core, our philosophy is very simple — people before properties.

Rethinking real estate.

Engagement is our competitive advantage. We are more than real estate experts, we’re also your neighbors. We belong to community organizations, support local businesses, advocate for the arts, and promote sustainable living projects. It’s a depth of expertise that acknowledges real estate not only as an investment, but also as spaces where people live their lives.

We champion our communities because we believe that potential starts with people. It’s not just a market to us — it’s our home, too.

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