Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Client-centric, Philly born, bred and schooled, and still crazy about Philly after all these years.

What's your favorite client story?

My favorite client story is our own. We swore off major rehab projects that peppered past properties we’ve owned to discover the home we’ve lived in and raised our family in for the last 27 years. Even with our best laid plans to buy a home that needed no work, this West Philly spot was on its way to being condemned. The proverbial ‘good bones’ potential blinded us to the scope of the work it needed, but we took the leap and now look around with appreciation for somewhere between a Home Run and a Grand Slam, along with all the lessons it has taught us.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

Early am dog walk. Check the news. Quiet moment in the backyard. Bike ride looping the river drives and then out the Main Line with a good book on Audible. Might join friends in a pm 3 on 3 Bball game. On to explore one of Philly’s great ethnic restaurants with family or friends. #Rangoon #Vientiane Cafe

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

First impressions count. I’m often drawn to the brick or stonework, old or new. From Flemish bond to English bond or even herringbone, you could get a Ph.D. in bricklaying. If you get a chance take a look at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts brick work on N. Broad Street. You’ll see what I mean.

Favorite community organization.

The affordable housing crisis is real. Habitat for Humanity/Philadelphia and both provide for and enhance awareness and real world solutions for underserved families and communities and their housing challenges. Both organizations’ missions are relevant, timely and personal. Our daughter Zoe, worked for Habitat for three years, and our other daughter Lily, has worked for Bike and Build for the past four years. Every day I learn how these powerful nonprofits are committed to equity and equality to move the meter for the local affordable housing crisis.

What differentiates you within real estate?

I simply care. I listen carefully. I try to build lasting relationships. I appreciate how a 'bond of trust' can influence positive outcomes.

What to expect.

Client Experience