Jordana “Jo” Swartz

    Licensed in
  • Pennsylvania

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

A Wahoo! Let's start with a morning constitutional, a walk on the river trail or around the neighborhood (secretly looking if anyone is having a yard sale). It would be wrong to not run a few errands, to the nearest farmers market! Or the Italian Market on 9th street. It’s a day off, let's get some cheese! Let's pick out a few new books too, Mostly Books or Giovanni's Room are great, or we could borrow from the Free Library. There’s probably an event at Penn’s Landing, FDR Park, the Convention Center, or Clark Park; on the way there we might run into that yard sale. Dinner time! Let's pop over to West Philly and get Ethiopian food at Abyssinia or Gojjo. Plenty of bars open, like Milkboy or 12 Steps down, lets end the night with live music or an open mic!

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

Doors. First impressions stick, and a door sets the stage for the home. I believe that the aesthetic of a home affects the atmosphere. So the door is a literal way to invite in intentions.

Favorite community organization.

Students Run Philly Style, a nonprofit that transforms students’ lives through running. As a former volunteer coach training with a team of students to meet their goal of running a marathon, I can attest to the importance of mentorship and support for Students!

One last thing...

Biking around Philly is my “Bread and Butter”. During lockdown I made deliveries by bike, bringing restaurant food to Ritzi apartments, townhouses, narrow un-drivable streets, and tiny tucked away homes. I averaged 40- 70 miles of riding a night, and developed my appreciation for Space and Place; as well as biking infrastructure. Philly is a city of neighborhoods, vitality and so much opportunity. My drive is to share this Place that I love with others.

What to expect.

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