Summarize yourself in a tweet.

An advanced UNO player and culinary worshiper who firmly believes that a jack of many trades is a master of fun. Loves photography, Philly, poodles and other things that begin with the letter “P"" PIZZA!

What's your favorite client story?

I had a client looking in the Main Line area while she and her husband were still still living in Cincinnati. Her father was local(ish) so I met him several times to preview homes in order to find ones worth the flight from Ohio. We always had a blast, taking funny photos in some awkward homes and sending them to his daughter and son-in-law. I had so much respect for all the love and support they all shared and it was fabulous to finally find a home that we got to say, "Get on a plane! You have to see this one!" They loved that house (Dad and my picker were on point!) but didn't win the super competitive bidding war for it. After several more days previewing, we found another gem and won that bidding war. Sharing in the way that family worked together was amazing and my favorite experience thus far.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

Eat somewhere delicious, so many options in Philly! Take Pepper, my dog, to the park and play stick. Re-arrange my living room or bedroom. Eat again somewhere new I haven't been (or somewhere I've a million times with a person I haven't seen in awhile). And then probably work a touch because I do something I really enjoy. And also watch trashy reality tv.

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

The way light bounces around a room (that's the photographer in me); old details that you know where loved for by past owners like well maintained dental molding; quirky, interesting and unexpected things; worn stair rails that have a story; and a kitchen worthy of a dinner party

Favorite community organization.

Muhhibah is a Malay term that describes the pure harmony of multiple races, religions and cultures coming together in the spirit of peace and tolerance. In Malaysia, this word is used to characterize celebrations shared between those of different backgrounds.
The Muhhibah dinner series provides an unique opportunity to come together in fellowship over food. Star chefs from the famed Philadelphia food scene come together and cook dishes reminiscent of their own upbringing and heritage. The communal dinners are a celebration of diversity, culture, conversation and community.

To me this organization is a real representation of the type of diverse immigrant community Philly is made up of. The dinners are fun, the food is remarkable and seeing everyone come together to enjoy and support each other reminds me what being in the "city of brotherly love" is really about.

What differentiates you within real estate?

I pride myself on curating a caring experience for my clients during a real estate transaction. I also like to laugh a lot and bring joy to the process. I've been a Philadelphia small business owner for over a decade and been able to contribute to many people's pivotal life moments, to me that is an honor and a privilege that I respect and appreciate.

What to expect.

Client Experience