Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Born in London, England but loved American TV shows and culture. Made the move here twenty-something years ago to attend Ithaca College and never looked back. Now living in Asbury Park via some growing-up time in NYC. Always thrilled to introduce people to this uniquely wonderful area of the Jersey Shore that has been my home for the past 16 years.

What's your favorite client story?

Probably the most satisfying story was when I was representing both sides of a sensitive residential real estate deal, and ended up with both sides becoming firm friends. I like bringing people together.

You have a day off in Asbury. What do you do?

Take the dog for a run on the beach (she runs, not me). Or head out to one of Asbury Park's many incredible restaurants for a bite.

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

Windows & ceiling height. Without being immediately obvious, both make a huge difference.

Favorite community organization.

I've participated in the Annual Rotary Club Polar Bear Plunge in late January for the last 10 years, raising money for various charities. Cold but fun!

What differentiates you within real estate?

I like to think I'm an easy going & patient person, who doesn't get too stressed out by the every day challenges we face. It's important to be level-headed as you guide your customers & clients through the process.

What to expect.

Client Experience