David Omojogunra

    Licensed in
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Lifelong Philadelphian. Temple Made. Lover of cheesesteaks, music, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Master (crockpot) chef, who can also make magic happen on a grill.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

Most likely I can be found roaming the city with my drone and camera in hand catching Philly being its most authentic self. I would have to grab lunch at Reading Terminal Market (DiNic's or Beck's Cajun Café are my top choices), then walk to Race Street Pier to get some drone shots of the skyline or Ben Franklin Bridge. Dinner would involve a quick walk over to Farmicia in Old City.

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

Open floor designs that allow a ton of natural light and optimal hosting spaces really stand out to me! I also really like exposed brick and wood beams. Because I fly my drone and see so many different perspectives of the city, rooftop deck views pique my interest as well.

Favorite community organization.

I volunteer with Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership. This organization empowers high school sophomores in all 50 states to become active leaders in their community by learning their unique leadership traits through panels and service projects. I have volunteered over the last 10 years in various roles, most recently leading a team of 70 volunteers responsible for 200 ambassadors.

What differentiates you within real estate?

I love the opportunity that real estate gives individuals to become entrepreneurs. I have always wanted to own investment properties and want to help others create wealth building strategies through real estate. I enjoy learning knew things and always strive to create long lasting relationships. If being the best resource to you means finding the best restaurant in the area, I'll do it...in the name of research!

One last thing...

My last name is Nigerian and is very phonetic, so don't be intimidated to try it! Oh-moe-joe-goon-rah :)

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