Washington Square

ZIP CODES: 19107

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Nestled between Old City and the Avenue of the Arts (Broad Street) is Washington Square West (aka Wash West), named after the beautiful Washington Square blooming in its heart. Under Mayor Ed Rendell, the area reinitiated it’s mass development efforts during the 1990’s, which transformed Wash West into the highly sought after neighborhood it is today. Many of the regal high-rises and patrician style homes comprising Wash West’s upmarket neighborhoods follow suit architecturally from the cluster of historical sites in the area, which include Independence Mall, Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s oldest hospital and Pine Street’s Antique Row.

Wash West’s bustling couture, gourmet and nightlife culture brims with vigor. There’s the posh 13th Street and Sansom Street intersection, acclaimed for its gathering of specialty shops and gourmet restaurants; the “Gayborhood”, an extremely popular area for LGBT businesses and nightlife; toward the east, amazing restaurants including Jones and Morimoto, two of local restaurateur Steven Starr’s most popular establishments; and last, but certainly not, least is Washington Square itself, containing a stone fountain in its center, large grass plots for picnicking and relaxing and a beautiful memorial to the Unknown Soldier, usually alit with a basin of flames at its feet. Just a walk through Washington Square West is all it takes for you to fall in love with an area Philadelphians are proud to call their own.