“Our strategy for selling is to obtain the highest effective value while bringing the largest pool of qualified buyers.”


At SPACE & COMPANY , we view pricing as a science. Over half of house-hunters will only view new properties on the market, making the first 30 days after listing your home pivotal. Starting off at the right price guarantees the largest pool of motivated and qualified buyers will see your home.
Overpricing will achieve a lower effective number as you chase the market down the longer your home is listed. A simple truth of real estate is that the market dictates price. Neighboring homes of similar size and finish level that have sold in the last three months will determine your price. Our agents are pros, and will help you strategize where to spend your time and money based on your goals.
Reaching out to potential clients and other agents is our specialty. We are not afraid to do some creative work; we make personal calls, knock on doors and do extensive internet marketing. We know that selling your home can be overwhelming, from showings and negotiations to paperwork and finally closing. Our team is qualified to lead the way. We will provide you with feedback from showings, as well as negotiate to get you the highest effective value for property.