Rittenhouse Square


ZIP CODES: 19102 and 19103

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The Rittenhouse Square district of Philadelphia was one of the five original open spaces laid out in William Penn’s design for the city. With shaded lawns, benches and statues, Rittenhouse Square is a popular place for people from all parts of the city to spend the day. In the summer the park is full of people picnicking and sunning themselves on the grass, often with a dog in tow.
The surrounding area is a mix of some of the city’s best restaurants, high end retail stores and luxury apartments. Many of the buildings bordering the park were built or owned by famous and influential Philadelphians, and their vision is retained in the area to this day. The Anthropologie and Barnes and Nobles stores, for instance, are large stone buildings with elaborate facades that seem more Gilded Age England than 21st Century United States.
Located just south of the main center city district of the city, Rittenhouse is only a short walk from most of the city’s downtown. Toward the South it meets with the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, and to the West is the river dividing it from West Philadelphia.