Old City

ZIP CODES: 19106

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Center City’s Old City section is the historic hub of Philadelphia. The boundaries of Old City can be defined as being Front and Sixth Streets, with Vine Street and Walnut Street marking the Northern and Southern edges. This neighborhood represents both the birthplace of the United States and one of the major colonial cities of early American history. While almost any block in the area has a claim to some pivotal event that helped shape the nation, major attractions include Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, both of which attract huge numbers of tourists throughout the year.

Yet Old City is not merely a piece of living history. The neighborhood is also home to a large portion of the city’s nightlife with a mix of both expensive and dive bars, dance clubs and hookah lounges. As the tourists file out at night the locals pour in for events like First Fridays, which occur each month. First Friday offers a way to enjoy art, music and style from local artists and businesses in a street fair style atmosphere at little or no cost.

While its prime location makes it expensive, Old City also retains many residents. These lucky city dwellers, many of them in historic row homes, are both situated in the heart of Philadelphia and separated from its hectic pace, hidden on narrow alleys and cobblestone streets. Old City has maintained the same colonial look for over 200 years.