Northern Liberties

ZIP CODES: 19123

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The neighborhood known as Northern Liberties is located north of Center City and bound by Girard Avenue on the north side. From East to West it fits between the Delaware River and 6th Street. Northern Liberty has become a hub for a wide variety of Philadelphia residents, many of them young. Students, artists and entrepreneurs all flock to the area, which has enjoyed a massive development boom in recent years. Art galleries have appeared next to bars, restaurants, and new businesses, marking it as the place to find the newest trends and styles.

Northern Liberties popped into existence as an immigrant community, providing a place for thousands of German and Eastern European families seeking a new life in Philadelphia. As a result, it was full of various industrial buildings such as tanneries, mills and chemical factories. For many early residents, who both lived and worked in the neighborhood, it was a tough existence. With the many condo and apartment buildings that have popped up between parks and stores, they would not even recognize the modern version of their home.

As Northern Liberties has developed, it has also grown. The label, and style, of the area has begun to revitalize some of the surrounding districts, such as Kensington.