ZIP CODES: 19127

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Manayunk is located on the north western edge of Philadelphia, a hilly area that gives the neighborhood a distinctive character. Now considered one of the most desirable areas of the city to live, Manayunk is home to an exciting nightlife and a wide variety of attractions, including the extremely popular annual bike rice where cyclists take on the dreaded “wall,” a steep hill that runs through the center of the neighborhood.

Today Manayunk is home to young professionals and graduate students, but it was originally a community of immigrants attracted by the many river-powered mills and factories. The neighborhood’s history is on display across the hillside that houses churches and historic buildings. Many of these structures have since been converted for modern use, now housing upscale shops and luxury condominiums. Despite their interior updates, the buildings, cobble stones and rowhomes of Manayunk retain a sweet, historic charm.