Loft District

ZIP CODES: 19123

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The Loft District, also known as the neighborhood of Callowhill, is located between Vine Street and Spring Garden Street and 8th and Broad Streets. Its title is a fairly recent one, born from the loft style housing developers favored as they reconditioned many abandoned factories in the area. Despite the name, the district is somewhat less populated than the surrounding areas, mostly due to its geography and proximity to large buildings such as the Philadelphia Free Library.

Prior to becoming its current, quietly residential and commercial area, the Callowhill region was a hot bed of industrial activity. One of the original manufacturing companies of locomotives in the country, The Baldwin Locomotive Company, operated a massive factory in the neighborhood that employee large numbers of laborers. As the city changed the factory was moved, and today only a long, deep viaduct marks the transportation history that took place there.

Today the Loft District is a quiet and wide open place with close proximity to the shops and restaurants of the Spring Garden and Fairmount areas and the majestic public buildings of Logan Square.