Graduate Hospital


ZIP CODES: 19146

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The Graduate Hospital neighborhood is located in South Philadelphia just past Rittenhouse Square. It is bordered on the south by Washington Avenue, on the north by South Street, on the east by Broad Street and on the west by the Schuylkill River. It is sometimes referred to as Southwest Center City or G-Ho.
The neighborhood gets its name from the hospital that used to be based there. While the actual medical facility closed in 2007, the title has remained. Today the Graduate Hospital area is mostly residential. The neighborhood is full of brick row homes from the early 20th century. It also has a large number of churches, many of them historic
While in the past the neighborhood was often overlooked by developers because it was outside of the Center City area, it has recently experienced growth in the form of new houses and apartment complexes. People are attracted to the area as a quiet, yet close, alternative to the bustle of Chestnut and Walnut Streets.