ZIP CODES: 19125

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Originally a fishing port, this area has evolved into a bustling market for far more than seafood.  Fishtown is brimming with galleries, boutiques and coffee shops that explode with creativity along Frankford Avenue on First Fridays.  Places like Johnny Brenda’s, the M Room and the Fire, all of which double as music venues, set the mood for the hip, young nightlife characteristic of the area. Adding to the scene are the 700 Club and the Barbary, where local rising-star DJs spin tracks nightly to jumpstart the dancing.

Fishtown is also home to an expanding green movement, where developers are constructing new homes and condo complexes using sustainable building materials.   The new architecture only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the neighborhood, which is ringed by 18th and 19th-century row homes and dotted with parks like Penn Treaty and Konrad Square.  Bike lanes along Spring Garden Avenue provide eco friendly ways to get into and out of the neighborhood, as well as affording riders with a scenic route.