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A Little More On Trash Day

BY MINA MORGAN (   On Mondays, do a little more than take out your trash. It’s about the little things. I have noticed on my block alone, that if you just take that extra second, extra look, extra thought, you could change so much….


How To Make The Best Iced Coffee On The Planet

BY CHAD JORDAN ( AND KATHERINE COHEN (   Are you ready to kick that expensive coffee shop habit and make your own iced coffee at home, flavored the way you like it, cold and for half the price?! It’s so easy to do and…


Take a Ride South: New Construction on the Rise

BY MINA MORGAN (   I always like blogging about my neighborhood because I ride through it everyday for myself and my clients. There is no shortage of new beginnings …   15th and Morris:   16th and Moore (SPACE & COMPANY listings with several sold!):…


Wine Storage Nook in Kitchen with Exposed Brick

BY RACHEL STREET (   When I was designing my kitchen, I originally wanted a built-in wine cooler with a bar area, however there just wasn’t the space. With a narrow kitchen and only one wall to put cabinets, there wasn’t a great place to…


Drop the iPhone and Back Away With Your Hands Up

BY CHAD JORDAN ( AND KATHERINE COHEN (   Real Estate Photography is not as simple as pointing and clicking. You only have one chance to make a first impression and using an iPhone to take real estate photos is not going to grab a…


Best BBQ In Brotherly Love

BY CHRIS DIBIASE (   Now that the Fourth of July has passed, I guess we can say it’s officially summer. Those who have grills more than likely fired them up already, but some of us in South Philly rely on our neighbors to throw…


Philadelphia Architecture Blogs

BY CHUCK BISCHOF (   Philadelphia’s vast array of architecture is all around you. There are small two- and three-story row homes, vast warehouses converted to condos, and slim trinities all standing in the shadows of Center City’s skyscrapers. Add in the historic churches that…