Point Breeze


How to Use Real Estate as a College Investment

  Heading to a Philly university this fall? Congrats! We’ve got your back on housing.   As a student, you could buy a house in Philly with a mortgage equivalent to what you’d spend on rent or housing. You can live there until you graduate,…


Eateries For Point Breeze

BY MINA MORGAN (www.mina.searchphillylistings.com)   Everybody’s gotta eat!   I have to admit, I am a Philly native, and in the couple years that I have lived in South Philly, I keep finding new restaurants, and great dive bar gems to try.   Some have…


A Little More On Trash Day

BY MINA MORGAN (www.mina.searchphillylistings.com)   On Mondays, do a little more than take out your trash. It’s about the little things. I have noticed on my block alone, that if you just take that extra second, extra look, extra thought, you could change so much….