Bikes for Everyone

BY JULIA CAPUTO (   As I’m sure you have seen, Philly Bike Share has been making it’s way to a city sidewalk near you! Indego has been placing new bike stations all over the city of Philadelphia for pedestrians to utilize. Yesterday in Queen…


A Few Steps to Raise Your FICO Score

BY CHUCK BISCHOF (   Your FICO credit score is important when obtaining financing for a home, so what can you do when your score is too low to obtain the best, or even a good, interest rate?   The FICO score is an empirical…


How to Expose a Brick Wall

BY RACHEL STREET ( One of the best things about row homes in Philly is that most of them have beautiful old brick hiding behind the plaster or drywall, and with a bit of hard work to expose it, your space can instantly be transformed.Ā …


What is Happening to The Gallery?

BY STEVE DRABKOWSKI (   A few months ago this would have been a space filled with people. Office workers and commuters getting a quick bite, seniors visiting with friends, teens hanging out. Now the Gallery food court is empty of vendors, tables and customers….


Smart Women Buy Homes

BY SANDRA HEDENBERG (   For years I was a renter, can you imagine? A successful RealtorĀ® who had never even purchased a home on her own? I would sit at the settlement table with my happy clients fearing the moment when they would ask…