ZIP CODES: 19121

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Brewerytown is a neighborhood on the way up. Though it struggled for a time as the city’s economy moved from industry to other endeavors, the area is now once again seeing an influx of new residents, many of them young professionals who are attracted by the quiet blocks and well stocked local taprooms.

The bars of Brewerytown are carrying on a two hundred year old tradition in the neighborhood. As the name suggests, there were once several breweries in this section of the city. Beer brewed in the neighborhood not only satisfied the thirst of Philadelphia, but much of the country. Today the brewing business is gone, but some of the old buildings remain, and much of the architecture has retained the influence of the Germans who started those businesses.

The neighborhood starts at Cecil B. Moore Street to the North, Parrish Street to the South and sits between the Schuylkill River and 25th Street.