Bella Vista


ZIP CODES: 19147

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Located South of South Street, the Bella Vista neighborhood is the heart of the Italian American community in Philadelphia. With its other borders marked by Washington Avenue to the South, 11th Street to the West and 6th Street to the East, Bella Vista is a mix of both residential and public buildings, with restaurants, cafes and independent stores all sharing space with classic Philadelphia row homes.
Its location at the Southern end of the city has allowed Bella Vista to keep its local flavor over time as other areas of the city change. While the neighborhood has certainly moved with the times, it retains its history as the original home of Italian immigrants following the American dream in the City of Brotherly Love.
Bella Vista has also garnered a reputation as a major area for the arts in the city. In addition to hosing a variety of local concerts, galleries and shows throughout the year, it’s also home to the Fleischer Art Memorial, the Italian Market Festival and the Bella Vista Festa.