Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Real estate loving, hard working, fast paced, organized, dog lover, exercise enthusiast, Fly Wheel obsessed, foodie.

What's your favorite client story?

When I've found my client a property that meets their needs, provides a good return on their investment, and makes them happy, I know I have done my job well.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

A perfect day off always includes a Fly Wheel class, followed by coffee at La Columbe, spending time at Fairmount Park with my two rescue dogs Bandit and Milo, happy hour with friends at Urban Farmer overlooking the Parkway, followed by dinner at Parc. Life doesn't get much better than that.

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

I'm a sucker for an old, beautiful, ornate bay window.

Favorite community organization.

PAWS—There are so many animals that need loving homes. I can't say, "Adopt, don't shop." enough.

What differentiates you within real estate?

I have an interesting combination of experiences. My background is in clinical social work and I'm also an investor and landlord—both allow me to work with a variety of people and understand their needs. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone find a dream home, a sound investment, or both.

What to expect.

Client Experience