Paul Vail

    Licensed in
  • New Jersey
    Fluent in
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Summarize yourself in a tweet.

Easy going dreamer who loves to maximize the potential of things, whether it’s remodeling houses, planting gardens, or training new real estate agents. A lifelong love of travel and foreign languages has broadened my perspectives of people and ways of life. It has also honed my appreciation for Asbury Park, the city I chose to live in twenty years ago.

What's your favorite client story?

Many years ago, I had clients who were looking for a condo near the Asbury Park beach to share with their large family and friends. As I got to know them and understand how they hoped to use the property, I realized that a condo, no matter how large, was not going to suit their needs. However, our beach side housing stock was still largely neglected at that time. Many buyers could not see the potential of our neighborhoods, but I could. I lived in one of those neighborhoods myself! I was able to show them where progress was being made and where future development would soon boost property values. Anyway, now we are neighbors. I love passing by their place with surfboards leaning against the house, beach towels drying on the railings and music & laughter drifting from the front porch. It feels good to know that my local knowledge and experience helped them to make the right decision and live their dream.

You have a day off in Asbury. What do you do?

We keep a boat down on the Shark River Inlet in Belmar. We love to drop anchor just off the Asbury Park beach, pump up the jam, and dive in!

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

The front porch. Always.

Favorite community organization.

Asbury Park’s Environmental Shade Tree Commission does fantastic work creating charming perennial and vegetable gardens throughout the town – often in the most unexpected places.

What differentiates you within real estate?

My strength is that I “get” Asbury Park and the surrounding shore towns of Ocean Grove, Neptune, Bradley Beach, Avon & Belmar. I know the neighborhoods and stay on top of what’s happening. I love sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with newcomers. I am an excellent resource for all things real estate and have extensive contacts including architects, contractors, landscapers and handy people of all stripes. My family has lived in Asbury Park for generations; I bought and restored my own home here in 2002.

One last thing...

Happily married for 18 years to a guy who makes me laugh every single day.

What to expect.

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