Summarize yourself in a tweet.

I'm a coffee drinking, cowboy boot wearing, nature loving, happy person who doesn't know how to use twitter but does know how to read a book. I understand how the box works, but avoid thinking in it. I'm a hugger, a hard worker, and a very good sleeper.

You have a day off in Philly. What do you do?

Hike the Wissahickon! Go out for tacos and tequila! Now I want a day off!

What's the architectural detail your eye always gravitates towards?

Trim work. You can tell a lot about the history and quality of a house by the finish work: when it was built, how it was cared for, if it was loved... the clues are in the details.

Favorite community organization.

Project Home - Because homelessness is often not a choice, nor a crime, and is a multidimensional issue. Breaking the cycle of housing instability takes community involvement. As someone who has helped hundreds of people in Philadelphia acquire private housing, you see how impossible that dream of homeownership can be for so many. Project Home does incredible work in many ways, and I'm proud to support them.

What differentiates you within real estate?

I have been practicing real estate, full time, for over 10 years. That's less time than some realtors but much more time than many. I learned the real estate ropes in the worst housing market of our time. Coming up in that housing recession gave me a greater perspective on how markets change and impact one another, and how you have to change approaches quickly to survive a dismal market. I'm also a firm believer in keeping the drama behind the curtain. Tough negotiations, snags in timelines, issues or disagreements with the other side, all of that I attempt to handle proactively for my clients so they can focus on the important stuff, like paint colors and a moving date. Often my clients tell me that real estate seems so simple. This to me is a win.

One last thing...

I graduated from Westtown Friends School in Westtown, PA and got my degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville NY. I love public art, dance, flying trapeze and talking to strangers. I live in a mid-century modern home in Chestnut Hill with my partner and our 2 cats. I hate waking up early, unless it's to get on a plane to Hawaii.

What to expect.

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