A Room with a Review

We live in a time in history where you have constant access to ways to express your opinion. Best pizza ever? Instagram it. Want to shout out your mom for watching the kids on a Saturday night? Post a cute pic of her with the kids on Facebook with a caption full of gratitude and emoji hearts. So why does it feel so overwhelming to review your real estate agent?
We get it — that was a huge process, you were probably relieved when it was over, and then you changed gears right into unpacking and choosing paint colors (we really love Sherwin Williams Origami White and Farrow & Ball Hague Blue, by the way). Below are some questions to help get you started!

  • What made you decide to buy a home?
  • Why did you choose that agent?
  • What did you like best about your experience?
  • Did your agent answer all of your questions?
  • Was your agent responsive?
  • Were there any problems that needed to be solved and were you happy how your agent solved them?
  • Would you recommend the agent to your family and friends?


Why Review?  

At SPACE & COMPANY, we believe that what you celebrate says a lot about what you value. Every transaction is different. Every client is different. But what they all have in common is the opportunity for us to continue to improve and adapt.  We understand that our reputation is the sum of our clients’ experience with us. To put it simply, your thoughts matter.


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