Your Lifestyle Starts with Where You Live

“Your Lifestyle Starts with Where You Live” — clever marketing phrase, right? Not to brag, but we did think of it. We also *might* be a touch biased.

But, really, it’s more than just a marketing phrase. We don’t want our clients to buy just any old house. We want them to find the home that matches their life — is there a daycare nearby for their kiddos; where’s the closest dog park for Peanut; does the cafe at the end of the block serve decent coffee; how long is the commute to work? These are the things that play a huge role in your day-to-day happiness. Don’t worry, we’ve also got our eye on whether your dream home is a smart financial decision that will help you continue to climb the property ladder when you’re ready for the next rung.

This is the time of year when we all look objectively at our lives to see what isn’t working (it’s been real, butter cookies). If you decide a move is in the cards for you this year, we can help — whether that’s changing neighborhoods in the city, trading street parking for a suburban driveway or buying a second home at the Jersey Shore.

You have to live somewhere, it might as well feel like home.

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