The Big List of Selfish Shopping


When I’m shopping online for holiday gifts for other people, I inevitably end up bookmarking tons of stuff for myself because I’m selfish like that. Maybe you got a ton of gift cards last week, you need to get some shopping out of your system before becoming a minimalist in 2017, or you just like bookmarking random stuff like me. Either way, here’s a list of things I found while hanging out in the rabbit-hole of the internet.




Bona Naturale Hardwood Floor Finish

Am I redoing floors anytime soon? Nope. But I found this description intriguing enough to want to save for someday when I *do* need to refinish floors:
“Bona Naturale waterborne hardwood floor finish is an incredible new matte finish product which preserves the natural grains and tones of hardwood floors. Bona Naturale offers the closest thing to the untreated wood look and feel while matching the most durable finish you can buy. Bona Natural is also GREENGUARAD certified for indoor air quality.”




Sofa Bed Store

I’m also not in the market for a sofa bed. But, if I waaaaas looking …




Huzi Travel Pillow

This is the only product that I actually bought from my list of bookmarks, and it’s amazing. I used it on a flight to London, and arrived both well-rested and without a stiff neck. I love it so much that I find excuses to use it around the house, and my kids steal it from me when I’m not looking because they’re selfish jerks just like me.




Gold Standing Animal Magnets

Perfect for marking the different foods for the party that I’m not throwing.




How To Read More Books

I love to read, but sometimes a notification on my phone will suck me into the endless internet cesspool and I lose my window of time to read. This article had some helpful tips, and these are the books on my nightstand right now.
Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver
What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi
Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Loved, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans




Philadelphia Neighborhood Eyechart Map

Art always makes a great housewarming gift, and I’m constantly saving Philly map prints.




Philadelphia Colored Map Print

Like I said, constantly.




Dandelion Paper Co

Sometimes an artist just makes you happy. This shop also has great astrology prints if you need a birthday gift for your sign obsessed pal.




Blue Print Vase from CB2

This vase is affordable, and looks like it could easily blend into any decor style.




Dr. Scholls’s Memory Foam Wedge

I’m in a pickle. My initial reaction was, “Yooooo. When did Dr. Scholl’s get cool?”, but then I realized that I’ve gotten older. So either Dr. Scholl’s got hip all of a sudden, or I aged into their demographic. Either way, I really like these shoes and look forward to instep support.




Bangles from Liquorice Moon Studios

My precious.




Textiles from local company Cuttalossa

Oh! Add liar to my resume because I forgot I own two things from this list. I love my summer Turkish towel from Cuttalossa; it’s become my go-to for the beach and the park.




Fair Trade Lariat Necklace

If you buy yourself a gift but it’s from a fair trade website, you’re basically a humanitarian. Right?

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