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If you’re a subscriber to our weekly bulletin email, you may have noticed that we’ve been including a lot more interior design articles. Part of turning your house into your home is finding the aesthetic that works with both your space and your taste. Here’s a round up of our favorite articles from the past few months. If you like what you see and you’re not already a bulletin subscriber, email to be added to the list.

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel where you’re updating the cabinets you already have, you don’t have to resign yourself to living without all the fancy new functionality that’s available with brand new cabinets. This article gives you ideas on how to hack your current cabinets to include things like pan storage and pull out drawers for trash. 


This home has a simple elegance that had us saving the photos for future reference (bonus! It’s an installment of the Living with Kids series so there’s plenty of functional inspiration).

Oh, lighting. You so dramatically change a space, and yet you’re often forgotten about in renovations. Here’s a round-up of not only beautiful fixtures, but also 37 great stores to buy lighting online

These art arrangements break all the rules and look amazing while doing it. Go crazy, and hang things where they make you happy! 

This bathroom refresh is a great reminder of what you can do with just paint and styling

Because we can all daydream a little. 

Even if this kitchen isn’t your style, this is a great read for anyone considering a kitchen redesign. It’s full of the small but life-changing details of a well thought out design (the pullout drawers that house the small appliances have outlets in the back!), and thoroughly discusses the places the homeowner choose to save and splurge. 

It’s no secret that we love a good IKEA hack, but what we love even more is when we find one of their great minimal pieces that looks completely at home in high-end homes. Check out these great interiors featuring the BESTA series

This home tour is for all the times you’ve walked past a house with a bright front door and found yourself dying to see the inside

Are you in the market for a new couch? Buy like a design pro with this handy list of questions to ask yourself before you buy. If you’re considering buying custom or reupholstering a piece, this little tidbit from the article was brilliant: “Many interior designers opt for outdoor fabrics on indoor sofas for families with kids and messy pets.”

This home tour is full of really fun design inspiration. We absolutely adore this collection of George Washington portraits and how they’re displayed. 

If you want the look of marine-style hardware, here’s a round-up of five great cabinet pulls and where to get them. 

We can’t help it — describe a home tour as ‘light and airy’, and we’re all in.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.43.58 PM
WHOA. The flex space that goes from oversized living room during the day to master bedroom at night is amazing. If it can work for this family of four in a one-bedroom apartment, imagine what you could do in your home.

Well, Dwell. You finally did it. We’re now completely jealous of someone’s renovated garage.

Are you considering paper composite countertops? This is a really great article with the pros and cons of using this material.

This bathroom remodel has it all — thoughtful discussion regarding design decisions, before and after photos (including photos of what it looks like when it’s not styled for a photo shoot), and a shopping guide. 

Molding ideas that go beyond the chair rail. 

A large family discusses how the size of their family impacted their design decisions when they gutted and remodeled their home

This graphic print from Etsy is the perfect way to rep Philly in your home without having to frame a soft pretzel. Unless the idea of soft pretzel art sounds amazing to you — in which case, we love this print.

Have you seen the new Fall Style Collection from Target?! If your place needs a refresh on a budget (or maybe even some light staging before you put it on the market), these pieces are not to be missed.

Do you have well-made kitchen cabinets that just look dated? This article has some great information about whether to repaint, reface or replace.

We love this home tour — it has lots of art with big personality that feels very carefully curated. We especially love this blown up photo of one of the homeowner’s grandparents.

If you’re planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, don’t feel locked into just black or white. This article round-ups some beautifully painted English style cabinets in gorgeous shades that we’ve already added to our Pinterest board. 

Having trouble figuring out where to hang your art? This handy guide helps you avoid common design pitfalls. And now that your know how to hang the art, this guide helps your pick the perfect ready made frames.

Our favorite spaces are the ones that balance both the beauty and the function of a room — so our hearts practically burst at the thoughtful decisions that this parent made while designing a bedroom and play space for her differently-abled child

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