Pains, Trains, and Audiobooks: That Commute Life

Car, bus, train, bike, your own two feet — if you work outside of your home, you have a commute. I’ve rounded up some great products to make your commute a little better.
You might notice that a lot of them come from, and I honestly can’t recommend that site enough. It’s sort of like all the great ideas you see shared from Kickstarter except they already exist and are ready to buy. This isn’t some sort of secret social media ad, either — I’m no Kardashian.


Let’s start with bike gear. You probably already have your helmet ( I will so bust my mom card out on you and yell if you don’t wear a helmet ), lock and basket. We found these great bungees that are specifically designed for use on a bike, whether to hold your helmet or keep the cheese from sliding around on the pizza you picked up on your way home (#FamilyHero).
Two-Strip Bungee Strap


Bike commuting also means having a bike that needs to be stored, which can be a little rough in the city. The Clug bicycle rack is tiny, has a minimal design, and can be used to secure your bike horizontally or vertically. You could also buy one of these for your office so you have a place to store your bike that’s out of the way once you get to work.
Clug Bicycle Rack


If you’re one of the lucky residents with backyard space to spare, this Steel Storage Shed would be a great investment and fits multiple bikes.
Steel Storage Shed 
space-and-company-philadelphia-bike-shed copy



I’m a terrible combination of someone that doesn’t check the weather report and someone that doesn’t carry an umbrella which means I rock that drowned rat look whenever it rains. Don’t be like me. Start by buying this rain hood and keeping it in the bottom of your bag so you can add a waterproof hood to any coat.
Rain Hood
space-and-company-philadelphia-rainhood copy


I admit, I can be a little oblivious sometimes. So imagine the look on my face when I realized that clear umbrellas aren’t about fashion — they’re so you can actually *see* the people on the sidewalk instead of bopping them in the head with your unwieldy umbrella.
Transparent Bubble Umbrella
space-and-company-philadelphia-umbrella copy



I know that right now the idea of icy sidewalks is laughable, but it’s not that far in the future when unshoveled sidewalks will pop up like landmines during your commute. These ice grippers can be added to any shoe so they’re great whether you want to use them instead of snow boots or to keep in your desk for when that midday snow storm turns the pavement into an ice skating rink.
Nordic Grippers
space-and-company-philadelphia-ice-shoes copy
There’s nothing worse than wearing an adorable, new pair of shoes to work only to realize halfway through the day that wearing them is currently the biggest regret of your life while launching an internal debate over whether or not it would frowned upon to just roll around the office in your desk chair for the rest of the day. Drop a pair of these collapsible ballet flats in your bag for those mornings when fashion edges out comfort.
Sidekicks Foldable Flats
space-and-company-philadelphia-flats copy



It’s hard to convince yourself to pack lunch when we live in an amazing foodie city, but if you’re food prepping or trying to save some cash, this lunch tote is great. It’s totes great (#SorryNotSorry). And it’s multi-use! Pack your lunch in the morning, then use it to grab some cold groceries on the way home.
L.L. Bean Insulated Tote
space-and-company-philadelphia-lunchtote copy


There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity, but there’s also nothing better than getting some extra beauty sleep. If you wait until you’re in the office to apply your makeup, this lay-n-go cosmetic bag is perfect for spreading your products out on the office sink.
Lay-n-Go Makeup Case
space-and-company-philadelphia-makeup copy


This is one of our favorite products — the tangle-free earbud necklace (there’s a uni-sex version, too). This is great for anyone that listens to music, podcasts or audiobooks during their commute. We really see this being perfect for people who have to answer multiple phone calls a day, but who don’t want to constantly struggle to locate and unknot their headphones before the call goes to voicemail. People like, I don’t know, maybe real estate agents.
Loopit Tangle Free Earbud Necklace
Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Cord (Unisex)
space-and-company-philadelphia-headphones copy copy


I hope these things help make your commute a little better. And, hey, if you really, truly despise your commute, you can always move. (No, but seriously. Guys, I work at a real estate company. We can totally help you move.)


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