An Ode to Design Inspiration

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.21.53 PMBY ALLIE ROSSIGNOL

For a while there, I tried to avoid following interior designer’s Instagram accounts. I dodged well meaning friends’ recommendations of Pinterest in a way not dissimilar to sticking my fingers in my ears and playing a round of la-la-la can’t heeeeear you. As a graphic designer (Hi! I’m responsible for all of those great SPACE & COMPANY designs that you see around town. I’m also super humble.), it was more than a little absurd to avoid technology that could bring inspiration literally to my fingertips.
My hesitation had nothing to do with dislike and everything to do with obsession. Regularly looking at beautifully renovated rooms would have me dismantling every room in my house in a desperate attempt at keeping up with both the Jones and the current trends. Paint it all white! More brass fixtures! Throw out all the toys until we’re down to one discreet basket under a table! 
So imagine my surprise when I finally created a Pinterest account and found some great designers to follow on Instagram. All those things I feared? The *exact opposite* happened. I’m finding myself bookmarking ideas for future renovations, getting ideas for tweaks to make my space more usable, and really getting a better handle on my style. I was constantly changing the things in my space because I was stumbling around rearranging things bought on a whim instead of having a concrete plan to execute.
So now that I’ve sold you on these things, or just reaffirmed your love, here are some designers that I recommend following.
Apartment Therapy
Workspace Goals
Emily Henderson
Becki Owens
And here’s my House Ideas Pinterest board which is a million ideas all over the place with the only common thread being that it’s stuff I like. The absolute greatest thing that Pinterest has brought me is that I can just bookmark a photo that I love instead of emailing myself a link to never be found again unless I could come up with whatever insane subject line I had thought of when I sent it.

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