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One of the most important things to our clients with kids (or who are planning to have kids) when looking at homes in Philadelphia is schools. When you thought you could finally breath a sigh of relief after narrowing down which neighborhood to house-hunt in, you then realize that where your kids go to school can change depending on where your house is located within that one neighborhood.
Don’t worry, we don’t present problems without solutions. It’s just not our style. We found this fantastic link that allows you to look up the catchement associated with a specific address. Cool, right? Before you go see a house and fall in love with the roofdeck and the new kitchen, you can now look up the address and decide if the school is a deal-breaker.
Click here to search school catchment associated with a property address.


  • Lauren

    And before you decide if “the school is a deal-breaker,” please do your homework and GO INTO your local catchment school. It may be horrible, or you may be shockingly surprised at how a bright, vibrant and free nearby Kindergarten and elementary school will work great for your family and new community.


      That’s great advice, Lauren. It’s been really amazing to see our communities working together to improve our schools.

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