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space-and-company-philadelphia-retire-cityBY CAROLYN PERLOW (
So there you are, minding your own business, and wham, your life changes.
Maybe you’re suddenly divorced or widowed, or your life partner moved on, and you think you’re too old for starting over. But the good news is, you aren’t. After you have a cocktail or two, (which unfortunately only makes you feel better for a very short time) let’s think this through together and figure out what your next stage of life is going to be.
Some questions to ask yourself:


1) Do I want to stay in the large home in the suburbs where I raised my family?

Moving out of the house you’ve know for the last 25 or so years can be sad if the memories are wonderful. But sometimes they aren’t so great, and getting out and starting over is not a bad thing. You’re on your own. The kids have moved out. They might say, “Mom, don’t sell. Where are we going to stay when we come to visit?”
But you are now at a point in your life where it’s not always about them.
Sure they will visit, maybe a couple times a year. And with the money you save by selling the old house and buying something smaller, you can put them up in a hotel for a week.


2) Would I be happier staying in the same neighborhood but a smaller home?

For some people, this works. But how close are you to the things and people you enjoy? Do you mind driving in the snow? If you and your partner enjoyed going into the city for dinner or a museum, will you feel trapped living 45 minutes away by car?


3) Would I like to be in the city?

You may have spent a lot of time going into the city with your partner and friends. If you’re single again, and your old friends aren’t calling so often, moving into a city neighborhood might be an invigorating change. You’ll be within walking distance of restaurants, activities, stores, everything you want to do.

Okay, you’ve asked yourself the questions. You’ve talked to friends, family, a therapist and your favorite bartender. Now you’re ready to make a change–to to start living your life for yourself and not for everyone else.
Try this: Start off renting and see if you want to buy a condo or a small home. Let your family and friends come visit. Your new place in town will be a good reason for them to see what Philly has to offer–and maybe move in themselves!
Now we have to find the right home for you.
Consider a place that’s smaller than what you have now but won’t feel cramped. Maybe you want a home for the rest of your life­–what planners call “Aging In Place”. Or maybe you need a home for just a few years before you retire to a warmer climate. We can find you a single family home with a first floor bathroom, or a condo under $250,000. Some condos have a 24-hour security, if that would make you feel more secure.
Remember this: What you need is out there and we can find it.
Don’t be afraid to be by yourself. Explore life on your own. It’s easier than you think, and very enjoyable.

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