We’ve Got You Covered, Part II

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For some of you, this time of year is a frenzied time while you try to meet your end-of-year deadlines (sorry). For the rest of you, this time of year is super quiet around the office while  you try to keep yourself busy until the end of the day. We’ve got a round-up of articles from our recent Bulletin emails to help you kill some time, or just keep your mind occupied until the crazing (typo for craving and it stays because of its accuracy) for another cookie from that gigantic tray in the office kitchenette passes.


        • If you’re looking to play the long game on squelching office boredom, we recommend these two email newsletters which basically consist of other people rounding up the internet and giving you a brief enough synopsis to sound smart at the watercooler. The Skimm will hit your inbox first thing in the morning while you sip your coffee; Next Draft will hit you in the afternoon while you sip another coffee … with a gigantic cookie because willpower is only going to get you to 4pm.




        • Foobooz released it’s list of 50 Best Bars — see if your favorite made the cut.




        • This kitchen remodel is adorable, and when you see the difference in the breakfast nook, you might actually swoon. (It was also done in a rental property so it’s budget friendly!)




        • What can we say, we love a good before and after home renovation. What’s really different about this one is that the before photos don’t seem so bad until you see how amazing the after is.







        • A new bakery opened in Queen Village! The owner is also the pastry chef at Brauhaus Schmitz and Whetstone, and word is that you can expect to find Bavarian soft pretzels at the new place.



        • Here’s a round-up of cute hostess gifts under $10 (it’s that time of year!). Not into trinkets? We love the idea of bringing breakfast for your host to enjoy the next morning.


        • Remodeling a kitchen and feeling overwhelmed with how many options there are for cabinets? This guide breaks down which features to pick to achieve the style you want.










        • The first phase of the Delaware Avenue Extension is open! You can now check out industrial parts of the city that were formerly inaccessible, whether by car, bike or foot.


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