Unique Radiators To Heat Your Home

How a home is heated is an important question to ask when looking at properties, and it is one I get often. The system I prefer and use in my home is hot water radiator heat, and I think it’s a pretty obvious choice once compared to others. The best method is probably in floor radiant heat, but I rarely see these systems being installed in our area. Without getting into the specifics, which would bore you and give me unwanted flashbacks to my thermodynamics class in engineering school, a radiant system is more comfortable, more energy efficient, and provides a healthier environment for your home. Technically, hot water radiator systems heat space via radiation and convection, but the advantages over forced hot air still stand.
Most Philadelphia properties are heated via forced hot air or hot water radiators.This brings us to the focus of today’s post: the radiator. The main complaint I hear from buyers is that they think the classic radiators, like the one shown at the end of this post, are unsightly. I happen to like how they look, but I thought I’d show you some alternatives.

The Heatwave Radiator by Joris Laarman Lab

Find it here.

Bambù by Deltacalor


Find it here.


Add-on by Satyendra Pakhalé


Find it here.


Moon by Oreca Design


Find it here.


Lastly, the classic radiator that you’ll typically find in a Philadelphia home:



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