Throw A Flak Jacket On Your Rental

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A flak jacket is a military vest that is reinforced with metal or Kevlar to protect against bullets and shrapnel. Now this might seem an odd pairing for a rental property, however some investors might say that having your rental ready for war is a great strategy. The focus areas below can be addressed in any property from annual rentals in the city, to weekend vacation properties you fill down the shore. Despite all of the screening you did to find the perfect tenant or vacationer, you never know for certain what kind of abuse your rental will take. Thus, having it ready to do battle can save you time and money.


Tile and hardwood can be more expensive upfront, but carpet costs can really add up when you are constantly replacing it. In a perfect world, your rental will require as little management as possible so annually replacing anything does not fit into the ideal perfect scenario. Animals and accidents are the enemy of your carpets, so next time one of these destroys a carpet in your property spring for hardwood and watch as years can go by without incident.

The Trio

• Garbage disposals
• Ceiling fans
• Ice makers

They break. Clean and simple, and if you manage your own property getting a call about something breaking in your property that you have to pay to fix is something you would like to avoid like the plague. Additionally, human fingers near an active garbage disposal screams liability, as do any extremities near moving fan blades.

Towel bars and more

Think back to when you were a little kid — hanging on things was basically Christmas come early. Until of course said thing rips out of the wall taking half a piece of sheetrock with it. Towel bars, toilet paper holders, and really any other devices affixed to a wall can usually cause damage when too much force is applied. The solution? Strong anchor or toggle bolts for drywall, appropriate masonry screws for concrete, and coarse thread wood screws for wooden studs.
Many investors are lured into real estate because they like the idea of a check coming in the mail every month (though this day and age you should have rent automatically pulled from bank or credit card accounts). The real hook is usually the hands off nature of the investment. If that is the dream, than minimize the things you have to do by avoiding problems before they strike.

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