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space-and-company-philadelphia-point-breeze-diningBY MINA MORGAN (
Everybody’s gotta eat!
I have to admit, I am a Philly native, and in the couple years that I have lived in South Philly, I keep finding new restaurants, and great dive bar gems to try.
Some have left an impression, and I felt I should share with my blogger fam. I’m sure if you are familiar with the area these places may be the norm, but for foodies who haven’t explored the south side, please feel free to review and try the following yummy spots just to name a few:

  • American Sardine Bar on 18th and Federal St. A classy bar with extraordinary food and drinks.
  • South Philadelphia Tap Room on 15th and Mifflin St. All home made. Mac n’ Cheese w/ Wild Boar Tacos!? Stop.
  • Taproom On 19th on 19th and Ritner St. Great brunch. $2 Taco Tuesdays. Yes, please.
  • Hardena Resto on 17th and Hicks St. Authentic Indonesian food, with an awesome price point.
  • Ultimo Coffee on 15th and Mifflin St. Great Coffee and assortment of drinks — beer, too! Outdoor seating.
  • Breezy’s Cafe on 20th and Federal St. Fresh Ingredients, great breakfast, and vegan/veggie friendly.

If you are looking for a night out, a date, with friends, business meetings, coffee or just lunch. These are some great go-to’s! Local for me and my neighbors, great price points, and delicious.

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