Community Garden in Point Breeze

I know south 20th St is my jam to blog about, but it’s my personal block, and I like to represent when awesome new things come around!
On 20th and Tasker there is the park renovation I blogged about before being built by NFL Eagles player, Connor Barwin. While driving by today, as normal, bright fresh greens, pinks and oranges grabbed my attention, and then a bright pink mural. I pulled over to see what was going on, and on the opposite side of the street from the park, my neighbors were getting a community garden started to revive the neighborhood, and build relationships and connections with one another.
I loved it! People were chatting and laughing, and I just thrive on positive energy like this! Its exactly was a community needs; effort, and appreciation. It gave that particular block life, and intriguing appeal. Creative ideas like this make for successful neighborhoods, and great moral for the community. Keep going, Point Breeze!
The sign reads “New Community Garden. Get Involved. Call 215.988.8846” for more info.

The mural reads “Life tried to bury us, but we are the root, and the seed.”

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