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According to a Wall Street Journal article on home staging, a group of 174 homes were on the market for 156 days before hiring a professional stager. After staging they sold an average of 42 days after re-listing. However hiring a professional stager can be costly. If you are a home owner on a budget there are many inexpensive options available to you.

Curb Appeal

First, improve your curb appeal. The buyer’s first impression of your home comes from the outside, so make it attractive. Easy fixes include cleaning and power washing the sidewalk and home exterior, adding window planter boxes, painting doors and shutters and replacing house numbers and mailboxes.

Remove Clutter

Next get rid of any clutter and pack away any personal items. This is a crucial step as prospective buyers will be able to view themselves living in the house. Your home should show like a builder’s model home, you can even visit one or two for ideas. If it does, buyer’s agents will be much more likely to bring other clients in, even if the current one’s aren’t interested.


Deep clean and deodorize the entire house. If you are cleaning averse, or it just seems an insurmountable task, hiring a cleaning company is a good idea. Buyers that walk into a sparkling, good smelling home are much more likely to want to stay and look around, rather than rushing out appalled.


Paint the walls a neutral color. Sellers who take the time and effort required to accomplish this will get a big return on their investment. Home buyers may not be as fond of that bright red room as you are.

Let There Be Light

Lastly, great lighting can change a home from feeling dark and drab to feeling warm and inviting. Overhead lighting, task oriented (like reading or cabinet lighting) and ambient lighting, such as table top or accent lighting are the three types that will make your home seem most bright. If you have all of these types and it still seems dark, just increase the wattage in all of the lamps and fixtures.

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