A Little More On Trash Day

space-and-company-point-breezeBY MINA MORGAN (
On Mondays, do a little more than take out your trash. It’s about the little things. I have noticed on my block alone, that if you just take that extra second, extra look, extra thought, you could change so much. My neighbors jumped on board, and I bet if everyone got on the same page. Change is inevitable. Making a conscious decision to think of your neighborhood as a community, not just your own home.

  1. Take a look out of your front door — do you see any trash in the streets? On your neighbors pavement? Just toss it out along with your own trash. It makes a world of difference for the pollution in our streets.
  2. At night, leave your front light on. Its not that costly, and it helps light our streets at night. An example of how that can be drastically helpful is for that neighbor who gets off work late, and walks home from the bus stop or from work. They feel safer with the streets illuminated, and so would you.
  3. Security Cameras. They help protect your own home, but they also help your neighborhood. They keep the streets safer, and can overall deter criminal activity on your block. Another plus is some home insurance companies will discount your premiums if your house is wired with a security system. Pretty Great.

Just a couple helpful neighborly tips. Thanks for reading! I’m going to try to do my part. Will you try and do yours too?

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