Drop the iPhone and Back Away With Your Hands Up

space-and-company-philadelphia-professional-photosBY CHAD JORDAN ( AND KATHERINE COHEN (
Real Estate Photography is not as simple as pointing and clicking. You only have one chance to make a first impression and using an iPhone to take real estate photos is not going to grab a buyers attention online. An average online buyer views an iPhone photo for 2 seconds and a professionally shot photo for 20 seconds. Shooting with your iPhone does not maximize your property’s presence online and in today’s competitive real estate market not having professional photos will push buyers to click past your listing and not request a showing. With 90 percent of buyers searching online and 89 percent using a mobile search engine buyers are looking to be intrigued by photographs and the quality of those photos can make or break a listing.
Shooting a property and positioning the property to SELL online is a fine art that should not be taken lightly. If your property is not professionally shot by a seasoned real estate photographer it may sit on the MLS for weeks or even months without a showing request. An experienced real estate photographer understands the importance of lighting, angles, cropping and perspective and will work with a professional photo stylist to be sure every room is ready for a close up, it takes a pro to do the job right. When buyers are looking at properties online, they are looking at a list of 10-20 that match their search criteria, and all they see is one thumbnail of each home. Professionally shot properties grab the online buyers attention and encourages the buyer to click and linger on the photo, digging deeper to see more of the space.
At The Jordan Group, we include professionally shot photos with every listing as a complimentary service. Our team is staffed with a professional photography team and photo stylists that will properly compose each and every shot. Every property we list comes complete with 25 professionally shot photographs of your property, the neighborhood and any amenities your neighborhood has. Restaurants, gyms, transit stops, you name it, we are here to highlight each and every positive aspect your property has to offer. We at The Jordan Group understand that we’re not just selling your property, we’re selling your neighborhood experience.
Our team has been featured on HGTV and FYI Philadelphia so you can rest assured your property will be treated with the respect it deserves.
Selling your property? Call our team at The Jordan Group to make an in home sales assessment reservation. We are proud to serve the Pennsylvania and New Jersey communities.

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