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space-and-company-philadelphia-architectureBY CHUCK BISCHOF (
Philadelphia’s vast array of architecture is all around you. There are small two- and three-story row homes, vast warehouses converted to condos, and slim trinities all standing in the shadows of Center City’s skyscrapers. Add in the historic churches that dot the landscape, and Philadelphia has a vast array of architecture commensurate with a city of its age and size.
Below are a few blogs that reveal overlooked examples of our city’s wealth of design, as well as critique new development and design:

  • Philadelphia Architects & Buildings — “Free public access to information on the built environment of the five-county Philadelphia area and beyond”
  • Curbed Philly — Reports on “sales and rental prices, new developments, neighborhood trends, and celebrity deals”
  • Hidden City Philadelphia — “Inspires people to be curious about the city, to fall in love with its remarkable but lesser-known places, and to give their time, resources, and ideas to realize new futures for the places and communities where we work”
  • Inga Saffron — The blog of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s award winning architecture critic
    These are only a few of the many sources for information and opinions. Check them out, and then go for a walk through the city. You may discover a new appreciation for Philadelphia.

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