Neighborhood Associations in Philadelphia

space-and-company-philadelphia-zip-code-map-smallBY CHUCK BISCHOF (
Having a say in the direction your neighborhood is headed is a right many residents may not know they have.
Neighborhood associations (officially known as Registered Community Organizations when concerned with physical development within their area) abound in the city, some even overlapping each others’ jurisdictions. As such, they can be the best vehicle to make your opinion heard regarding topics such as planning & development, issuance of liquor licenses, and zoning variances. And they are not merely intended for h omeowners or business owners, all residents are welcome at these community meetings.
While your local neighborhood association will not have the final say, they will often testify before the Zoning Board of Adjustment when the ZBA decides on L&I appeals, granting of zoning variances, and special exception approvals with regard to the new zoning code adopted in 2012.
Many neighborhood associations are also involved with social services, clean-up campaigns, and even community gardens. They can be the best way to engage your neighborhood, voice your support or opposition to changes within your community, or simply to network with neighbors and other stakeholders to improve quality of life in your neighborhood.
It’s easy to get involved: This map from the city’s website shows the boundaries of various neighborhood associations and political wards, while this list of RCO’s contains contact information and meeting location addresses for each group.

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