Blackbird Pizza is A Philadephia Foodie Favorite


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South Philadelphia offers numerous, scrumptious food offerings. Pizza, Zagat rated restaurants, vegan specialties, Italian gourmet masterpieces, you name it, it’s there. Walkable and user friendly this Philadelphia neighborhood offers some of the best food our great city of brotherly love has to offer! Our team at Digs Real Estate L.O.V.E.S. to eat and we also love to share our experiences. Read on and stay tuned for future blogs about our favorite hot spots in Philadelphia’s most walkable neighborhoods.
Recently our team at Digs Real Estate indulged at a small but glorious vegan pizzeria and specialty wing shop named Blackbird Pizzeria. Located directly across from Star Garden, this eatery serves up quite possibly the best veggie grub in town. Seriously. The BEST. We ordered habanero vegan wings naked with the sauce on the side. Holy mackerel. No grease, extra crispy, almost heaven. I would’ve beaten off a crowd of hungry bears if they would dare to come close enough while I was eating. The habanero sauce was enough to melt the tips of your fingers off but we could not stop inhaling the tender morsels. Literally. We devoured every single bite.
After we cooled our jets, we then indulged in the sweet and savory Root Beer wings. The root beer wing sauce was perfect. Not too sweet and the perfect accent to our all natural orange soda (that was actually the color of mountain dew.) Again, the vegan wings were the perfect texture and not greasy at all. We’re more of a fan of the hot than the sweet but these root beer masterpieces truly hit the spot.
Our advice when visiting Blackbird is to share, as one order of wings is enough to satisfy two hungry foodies. They also offer amazing pizza options too so if you’re in a hurry you can swing through and grab a slice to go.
Blackbird is a huge asset to the ever evolving community of restaurants in the South Philadelphia neighborhoods.
We at Digs Real Estate give Blackbird the following rating:
Wings – 5
Cleanliness – 4
Service – 5
Overall experience – 4
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