The Tree at My Window

space-and-company-plant-treeBY CHUCK BISCHOF (
When I first moved to Washington Square West ten years ago, one of the things that made my apartment really feel like a home was the tree outside my second story window. When in full bloom, it blocked the view into my living room while still letting in plenty of light. Amidst the sound and activity of the street below, the changing leaves often made my window feel like an ever evolving work of art.
Sadly, that tree died a couple of years ago, and when it was chopped down (and turned into sawdust within minutes, along with the one next door) my home was utterly exposed to the world outside. Fortunately, the powers that be eventually planted a new tree there recently. It’s currently about half as tall as the old one, but I can tell it’ll soon be a worthy successor.
As part of its new greening initiative, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation now has a program that provides free trees. You can register at The program also provides a number of resources such as training classes with the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders, tips on how to plant and keep your tree healthy, and even advice on where to plant your tree to help save on heating and cooling your home.
This is a worthwhile program that works to improve the city in a way that benefits us for years to come. Go to to contact me. I’ll help you find a home on the perfect tree-lined street. Or, if there aren’t any trees there right now, we can take steps toward planting some, and improving your home’s comfort and value.

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