Make Sure Your Pets Can Find Their Way to Your New Home

space-and-company-lost-dogSo you’ve moved. You’re finally unpacked, you’ve updated all your accounts and subscriptions with your new address, you’ve spent countless hours waiting for the cable guy to get you all set up, life is getting back to normal…
Have you updated your contact information on your pets’ tags, city license and microchip?
In the past few years I have come upon many “stray” dogs in the city. Two were wearing tags and so I was able to call their owners, and one had a microchip with current information, so he too was reunited with his family, but the rest either had out-of-date contact information associated with tags/chip or they had no ID at all. I still wonder if they have families still looking for them.
If your pet manages to slip out the door without its tags, or it falls off somewhere out there, a microchip is your second chance of getting your pet home safe and sound. Any vet or shelter can scan a pet and get in touch with you, but a chip is only as good as the information registered to it.
Last but not least, the city license. Under Section 10-103 of The Philadelphia Code, all dogs 4 months and older must be licensed in Philadelphia. You must purchase a license within 30 days of obtaining a dog over the age of 4 months or within 30 days of establishing residence in the City of Philadelphia. All city dog licenses are valid for one year. A license expires on the last day of the month, one year after the date it was issued. (Permanent licenses issued before July 1st, 2011 are valid through the duration of the dog’s lifetime.)
If lost, dogs wearing a city license have a greater chance of being returned to their homes because Animal Control officers can possibly locate an owner before the dog is taken to the shelter and dogs wearing a city license receive a longer stay at the shelter before it is available for adoption. To purchase or renew your pets’ city license, please visit the Philadelphia Dog Licensing Service Center.
Make sure all your pets get to enjoy your new home with you for years and years to come!
If you don’t yet have a pet, or you’re thinking about adding another to your family, please consider adopting one the dogs or cats that ended up in a shelter and did not find its way home yet.

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