space-and-company-kitchen-renovationBY CHERRYBLOSSOM HARRISON (

I recently renovated my kitchen in my 1863 Victorian. I struggled to keep a nice mix of new and old, creating a modern functionality while keeping historic character.
Historic kitchens were built for domestic work, not architecture. The drawbacks of a historic kitchen are small square footage, poor lighting and awkward layouts. A mix of modern appliances and period appropriate accessories can create the perfect blend of today and yesteryear.
Mismatched cabinets create an original feel. The use of historical colors with distressed finishes, exposed shelves, plate racks and display cupboards will ensure that your kitchen is one of a kind.
Farmhouse sinks were first manufactured in the 1800’s, they’ve recently become a popular trend and are now available in a variety or colors and finishes such as cast iron and copper.
Countertops made of natural materials would have been accessible to early Americans. Wood, slate and soapstone countertops are not only more affordable than granite, they’re historic in appearance.
The final finishing touches will bring out your personality in your kitchen. Reclaimed wood tables with mismatched seating, cast iron and copper pots hanging from the pot rack, vintage serving ware, and decorating with mason jars are just a few ideas to create warmth and character in your new, old kitchen.

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