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Did you know that the City of Philadelphia will give you up to $4000 to help you purchase a home? This little-known program provides an unrestricted, dollar-for-dollar match for grants or forgivable loans made by employers to their employees for home purchases in Philadelphia. If you work for a participating employer — one who offers a housing benefits program — and you’re eligible, the city will match your employer’s contribution. For example, if you qualify you could get a maximum grant from your employer for $4000. The City of Philadelphia will then give you another $4000. The idea is to keep you in Philadelphia! The program has targeted areas that qualify for a $4000 match; areas out of the target qualify for $2000.
This is something every potential homebuyer in Philadelphia needs to know about. And, needs to talk to their employer about. For more information and to see if your employer is participating, click here: Philadelphia Home • Buy • Now

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