space-and-company-puppyBY STEVE DRABKOWSKI (
I have learned that if you want to get to know your neighborhood, get a dog. Taking you companion out for walks several times a day gives you a great chance to see what is happening on your block. You will begin to notice the little changes that you would not normally see. Who has a dog, and who does not, what projects are being done on your block, and if any shops are opening or closing.
On my daily walks with the dogdude, I have noticed the wonderful gardens in my neighborhood. I have also seen details on houses that I would not have seen, as I never had any reason to go down those streets. I also know where the squirrels are, what streets are popular with kids walking to school and many other little details. I also get to see my neighborhood early in the morning when people are leaving for work and in the evening when all is quiet. I talk with neighbors, meet other dogs, and meet contractors and other workmen doing projects in the area.
One of the great things about SPACE & COMPANY is that it is a very dog friendly office with quite a few dog owners. One of the causes we support is PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). If you’re thinking about getting your own dogdude to roam your neighborhood with, make sure to check out the dogs available there.

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