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The end of February for me marks the countdown to Spring and the beginning of Spring cleaning. I recommend starting your Spring cleaning before the weather starts getting warm and the reason for this is that you will not want to be indoors cleaning when it is finally nice out. Start by laying out an action plan on paper with a 3 week(end) goal tackling 1 to 2 rooms a day.

Weekend 1

FIRST DAY: Clean out and clear-out your basement, attic or storage closet. By beginning with where you store things you do not use on the regular, you can create space for the items you will be storing away as you clean. If you have things you have not put to use in a year or two consider donating to a local non-profit like Aids Thrift. Organize the space so things are visible for when you do need them.
SECOND DAY: Tackle your kitchen, which includes your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and stove. When cleaning your refrigerator, take everything out and look at expiration dates of items, throwing out those that have expired. Once it is clear, wipe down the shelves and walls with a mix of bleach and warm water to kill germs and bacteria. As you load everything back in, make sure you didn’t miss any expired foods. You will than repeat these steps with your cabinets and pantry purging anY expired foods. Take this time to go through your tupperware getting rid of anything that is badly stained or has lost its lid. Coffee mugs are another item that seem to multiply over the years. I like to go through them in my spring cleaning and only keep the ones I love and get rid off all the promotional ones I have collected over the year.

Weekend 2

FIRST DAY: Your living room and dining room may be the easiest of rooms you will tackle. I like to start with pulling down all the curtains and running them through the washing machine. If you have a set of curtains for spring in a light color and lighter fabric now would be a good time to get those up. You may want to rearrange your furniture at this time and give your home a new look. As you dust make sure to move furniture and sweep underneath. I also like to take an old wet rag and wipe down the base boards and take a magic eraser to areas around door handles and light switches that get grimy.
SECOND DAY: The bathroom is another area that you will want to pull everything out of the cabinets. Look at all your medicine bottles and toss anything that has expired and organize everything that is under the sink. Take down the shower curtain liner and run it through the wash or replace with a new one. Make sure you get a good mix of hot water and bleach to wipe down all the surfaces and don’t be afraid to get behind the toilet.

Weekend 3

BOTH DAYS: I like to save the bedroom for last because this is where you will spend the most time. The first thing I like to do is organize all of my hanging clothes. Pull out anything you have not worn in a year or more and begin a donate pile. We all have that shirt or pants that every time you put it on you think why did I buy this yet you wear it, now is the time to get rid of it. If the clothes you are wearing do not make you feel good, toss them. Once you are done with the closet clothes, move on to your dresser. Attack your socks and toss the single ones that you hoped to find its pair someday because you never will. Lets also not forget your nightstands that hide all those little pieces of paper and receipts you save and also get under your bed.
By taking each task one weekend at a time you will never be overwhelmed spending an entire day or weekend cleaning. By the time you are done, the weather has warmed up and by the fourth weekend, you are enjoying brunch with friends and with luck at an outdoor table.

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